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Hello Dear Players, AncientMyko is one of the MYKO servers that you rarely play. We are ready to open a new server and make a bomb opening, how about you??

We are giving you the good news of a new server with Turkish and Peruvian partnership. Thanks to this partnership, we will reach all countries more easily and we will give you a crowded myko adventure in the best way. (We have been providing joint service for the last 2 servers for 3 years..)

AncientMyko 'Nostalgia' Server Official = 22 March (Mart) 2024 - Friday 22.00 Gmt-3

🎈 Level Cap ?
Our server will start with 1 Level at the beginning, 70 Level is the end in the first place.

🎈 Details about Genie ?
Genie product is sold in PUS, 1 pack is 15 days old. It does not work in the Moradon zone.

🎈 Auto Loot details ?
These products work actively in all premiums and cannot be used without premium. It works in all zones except Moradon.

🎈 About Master and +70 Skills Master and +70 skills are opened manually.
Detailed topics are available in the GUIDE section.

🎈 How do I get money and items?
It is difficult to earn money and items on our server, detailed information about them is available in the GUIDE section.

🎈 Is there a trade with TL on the server?
From the start of the server, trade between players is free, there are no restrictions.
Please use the forum for these transactions, such in-game chat invasions or deliberately disturbing the players, sending pm for example and writing terms such as sel gb sel gb are a reason for ban. GB Setup price is explained in the MARKETPLACE section of the forum, please follow. Allowed sales on our server; Gold Bar and Item trading.

🎈 Is Monster Stone active?
Monster stone is active from the first day, (There is no drop in OLD.) You can get master materials and coins. For detailed information about Monster stone, click and review.

🎈 How are the starting items?
Starting items are myko style, click for details..

🎈 Do you have a ready package to meet our full PUS products?
Our product is active under the name of Starter Pack, it covers your Full PUS cost at an affordable price. Click for details..

🎈 Will there be Tournaments with TL Prizes?
Yes, we will have tournaments with TL prizes, there are also prizes in the np ranking, such as 1vs1, 8vs8.

🎈 What is your solution for cheats?
As the MykoSoft acs team, we have the necessary cheat controls in our infrastructure, the people who try to make cheat programs fall into our logs, in any tampering, you will be caught in the anti system and banned, we can say autoban in short.

🎈 Warrior ground hitting style high version skills are active?
Yes, when you are active +60, 1 hit is unlocked. No material is required. Auto opens.

🎈 What are the monster - boss respawn times and drop rates?
You can find all the details about this by clicking here.

🎈 Opal - Sapphire - Crystal Drops ?
Drops of these items on our server are only available in Death Knight, in order to make these items valuable, the drop in EMC-LFC is %1 and the drop in CZ is 10%.

🎈 Upgrade Rates and Limits ?
Please review the Upgrade Rates in detail. Click here to learn about the upgrade rates.
(Our +7 high item, +1 Jewelry upgrade limits are final in the first place. +8 item upgrades are opened after 1 month.)

🎈 Is KC Market Active?
Yes, you can sell items with Knight Cash in the Market, but the limit is 3000 KC. You cannot go below it. For example; You cannot put an item on the market with 2999 KC. You can put 3000 and above..

🎈 Is there any measure to mob the slots?
It has become annoying to mob the slots while farming AFK in LFC-EMC regions. For example, you are farming in the Uruk blade slot. A different user pulled a stone golem into the slot, the Stone golem automatically dies 1 meter before it enters the slot and your character is not harmed.

🎈 Are Boss Times or locations random?
All boss times are random, available in the detailed topic guide section, and their coordinates are also random. There are 4 different coordinates in all boss and chaos stone, and when the respawn time comes after it is cut, 1 of these 4 different regions is born. Click here for details.

🎈 Bowl input has been added to the gates in Cz town, what is this?
The bowl input at the gates in cz town allows you to teleport to the cz bowl entrance for 1,000,000m coins, this plugin has been adapted to our system to increase the flow of money and make czyi even more mobile. (If you are at the party while doing this, the party will not be broken..)

🎈 Chaos Stone What are the duration and boss drops in it?
Chaos stone spawns in the cz zone, the respawn time is 1 hour, when the time expires, it spawns in one of 4 different places in the bowl zone.
From the bosses in it, 20-25% master and skill materials, 20-30% Chitin Shell armors and high items according to each job.

🎈 What is the newly added BOSS Stone?
BOSS stone is a special boss tree for emc and lfc, it throws 1 random boss when cut. Click here for details.

🎈 Is the flash system active?
Yes, it is taken from the Beginners store npc. (DC-EXP-WAR) Maximum 10 can be printed. Flashes have a usage time of 180 minutes. When you relog extra or eat dc, the flash is not deleted, it continues from the remaining time.

🎈 Can we farm with macro-style programs?
The use of such programs in slots is prohibited. Players who use it are banned for 3-7 days. (Free only in exp slots.)

🎈 Are there any Unlimited Pots?
360 HP, 480 MP Pots are made unlimited because we consider the players who farm and gain exp.

🎈 What will the Level Cap and Weekly NP Rewards be like?
Detailed topic about the Reward System; https://bit.ly/3gout94

🎈 Is it hard to make money on the server and do we have an advantage in the first days?
Yes, money is hard. Since it is difficult, there will be no charge for Teleport and Skill-Stat Reset transactions in the first 2 days on the server.

🎈 Is there a Beta Server?

No Beta Server.




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